Live. Laugh. Love.

I managed to fit in an extra little item to tick off the Bucket List for May this morning by driving to Brittas Bay for a walk along the beach. 

       I also found the time to get a little bit creative  with my favourite quote! 

 Enjoy your Saturday wherever you may be! 
Ais x


By The Way….


My 21 day ‘no chocolate’ challenge ended on Wednesday AND I’m still going strong!! 

It is amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it……Maybe it’s time for me to dream a little bigger…….


Ais x

No Better Way to Start World MS Day


I ticked another item off the bucket list this morning when I went for an early morning dance at the MS Ireland Silent Disco for World MS Day. 


Irish Rugby stars Jenny Murphy and Ailis Egan.

I arrived down at Dublin’s Grand Canal Dock around 7:45am and grabbed some headphones. I was on my own so I was a little apprehensive but once I heard the music and saw how much fun people were having I was GRAND. 

I reluctantly handed back my headphones and left at 9:00am to go to work. 

This was probably the best way to start the day. I’m bouncing around the office! 

PLEEEEEEEEASE support MS Ireland today, here are the details you need:


Thank you to MS Ireland for organising this. 

Have a fantastic day. 

Ais x 

World MS Day 2015

Wednesday, 27 May 2015 is World MS Day. 

This is one of the highlights of MS Ireland’s year when the whole world comes together to celebrate and empower people living with MS. The theme for this year is…. 

Together we’re Stronger Than MS.

There are plenty of events happening this week to mark World MS Day. One of which is a Silent Disco which I’m very excited about…. I’ve never been to one, it’s on my Bucket List and it’s for charity! So why not!!?? 
Details are as follows: 


I have no idea what’s involved in this but I am going along for the craic if anyone wants to join me!!  

As I said, there are many events going on this week in support of World MS Day but everyone has busy lives and things to do, so if you can’t make an event and you still want to do something to support this cause, then please Text STRONG to 50300 and donate €4* to MS Ireland.

* 100% of your donation goes to Multiple Sclerosis Ireland across most network operators. Some operators apply VAT which means that a minimum of €3.25 will go to Multiple Sclerosis Ireland.



I very much appreciate it!

Have a fantastic Monday. 

Ais x

Life is better when…….

Life is better when you dance…….

Well, for me, YES. 

Yes, it is. Life is so much better when I dance.

I have stuff on my mind at the moment…. Just a few things going on….. so I decided a few weeks ago to put together a Zumba Master Class….. I told some of my friends that I needed the money, etc. and that’s why I’m doing the class but that’s not really true because after all my expenses are covered (insurance, paying the venue, etc.) I don’t actually make that much money at all. 

The reality is that when I have stuff going on I need to focus my energy on something and keep busy….. Otherwise I find myself sitting at home overthinking things and the results of my overthinking are rarely any good.

It’s labelled as a Master Class because I don’t teach regular Zumba classes anymore (I’m just not able) and also it’s not just an hour long like normal classes, it’s 90 minutes long! WHO SIGNED ME UP FOR THIS MADNESS??!! 😉 

And…..It’s happening TODAY. It kicks off at 12:30pm and I CANNOT WAIT.

Dancing lets me escape the real world for a while and it helps me forget about what’s going on in my life.  

So, I just dance. I dance and dance and I enjoy every second of it. I think everyone needs that little break from day to day life every now and again…..everyone has that one thing they like to do to escape.

I love watching other people smile and dancing brings happiness out in people. So today, I’m going to try and make everyone in my Master Class as happy as possible for those 90 minutes! 

It’s going to be great…… As long as I don’t forget the choreography…….

Ais x

Something New!

Today, I did the Bray to Greystones Cliff Walk with some of the girls. 

The Cliff Walk was a relatively new addition to my bucket list but I’m very happy that it made its way onto my list…. And equally as happy to have done it today in the sunshine and get it ticked off the list! 

Doing this walk today also satisfies my New Year’s resolution for May! If you’ve forgotten about my resolution, you can read about it here! 

We set off from Bray shortly after 10am. Destination: Greystones. 

The walk itself is somewhere between 6km and 7km depending on where you start from in Bray and where you finish in Greystones of course! Anyway, it took us about 90 minutes to complete and that included stopping to take a few pictures of the stunning scenery……we think we did it at a good pace. The route is very manageable for a cliff walk, with only a few areas testing your choice of footwear and your head for heights. That said, footwear with a good grip is pretty much essential….. You have been warned! 

We wandered around Greystones in the sunshine for a while and then went for a bite to eat and also a little glass of prosecco to celebrate the incoming results of the Marriage Referendum! I am SO proud of my country today.

We then jumped on the Dart back to Bray for a celebratory “we’ve completed the Cliff Walk” ice-cream! 

Luckily, the Irish Summer decided to make an appearance today so we were able to enjoy the Cliff Walk in fabulous weather. This country is an absolute gem when the sun shines! I definitely recommend that you do this walk at some stage if you have a few hours to spare. 

Here are some pictures from today! 

Setting off from Bray:  Making our way around Bray Head:      Coming into Greystones: Greystones:


And then we jumped on the Dart back to Bray….. I haven’t been on the Dart in about 20 years! I was like a child…… That’s why there’s a photo! Super views from the Dart also though:     


I hope you are all having a fabulous Saturday! 

Ais x