There’s a gap in the market!

I’m loving this weather right now. It is FABULOUS. 

Apologies for the delay on the Cheesy Tuesday front, but there was a distinct lack of cheese on the radio this morning on my way into work…… 

There really is a gap in the market for a non-stop cheesy tunes playing radio station!! Someone do it!! Or pay me to do it! PLEASE!

Anyway, my faith was restored in Irish radio when I heard this little gem as I passed by Croke Park on my way home. 

Cheesy Tuesday – 30 June 2015


Ais x



We all have those days where we have silly arguments with the ones we love and the people close to us. 

We have a bad day or we get fed up and we say things we don’t mean.

How would you feel if those words were the last words that person heard from you? 

Be nice. 

Be kind. 

Never underestimate the power of an apology. 

Remember that life is short. 

Nothing is guaranteed. 

Anyone and everything can be taken away from you at any minute. 

Ais x

No. 100

I bought this IMAGINE book, pictured above, in Ardmore in April of this year and it contains my Bucket List. 

I decided to start re-writing my Bucket List when I turned 32. I originally kept the list on my phone but I kept losing it or deleting it. When it was on my phone I never really updated it either so it was rather pointless…… Now, however, I bring my IMAGINE book with me pretty much everywhere and update it every time I read or hear about something I want to do or I want to see.

Some ideas are very expensive and I may never get to do them but…… Then again, I just might! Other ideas are easily done and I’ve been ticking them off one by one! 

I also need to start listing all the things I’ve been lucky enough to do already and tick them as done…….I’ll get to that at some stage!


Some of my Bucket List items are pictured above. Apologies for my writing – it’s beyond awful!

I currently have 99 items on my Bucket List….. So I’m here asking you for ideas for No. 100! I want to make it something special! 

So any ideas??  
Ais x